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NEP believes in providing superior service throughout all waste management processes. Our safety and environmental support service simplifies the paperwork and offers you valuable insight and peace of mind in the ever-changing regulations of environmental compliance.


One of the core business is the collection of spent solvent, whereby we will process and recover useable solvent. Our specially designed vaccum distillation coloumn has the ability to process 2 ton per day of spent solvent. It utilize small amount of electricity as it can incoorporate waste heat from our other process, hence it a can be consider a environmentally and energy friendly recovery equipment.


Our laboratory is situated in our processing plant and we have a full time qualified chemist dedicated to examine all sludges and also ensured consistent quality on solvent before it leave the plant. We will also collaboration with off site laboratories if there is requirement.


We use our own lorry for the purpose of transportation of hazardous and non -hazardous sludges. If there is a need for additional lorries, we will only use suitable and licensed lorry of this purpose. All waste will be packed according to based on DOE and KA regulation.


We also involve in the trading of recycled solvent is mainly process from the collected paint sludges and spent solvent. This is primary use back in the paint industry. We offer a competitive price solvent.


Air scrubbers will clean the air by removing dust, dirt, and extra moisture, improving the condition of the space. Construction or remodelling projects: Hazardous dust and fibres are two examples of airborne contaminants at construction sites. These pollutants will be eliminated from the air via air scrubbers.


The process of turning wastewater into bilge water that can be released back into the environment in order to prevent waste is referred to as wastewater treatment. Wastewater treatment is becoming more and more popular worldwide, and at the same time, people are being urged to save and save water.

Scheduled Waste Code

The scheduled waste codes are a way of establishing uniform definitions for each category of garbage. To make it easier for the general public to distinguish between the various types of hazardous materials that are produced across all industries, the waste materials have been divided into five primary groups.